Spirit House Collective (EST 2017) is a female identifying, non-binary, and trans metaphysical community, dedicated to spreading knowledge, love and healing from our hearts straight to yours.

We provide a sacred space for us to release whatever weight rests on our shoulders, while learning to explore individual paths and to love ourselves unapologetically. Our collective believes in magic, love, and connection.

Spirit House was created to allow a safe environment for us to explore our gifts and passions without fear of judgement, isolation, or ridicule.

Artwork via Brian Kirhagis

Artwork via Brian Kirhagis


The month of June brings laughter, joy and excitement. A time where the energy integrates toward unity and compassion, a time of fertility. Approaching all of us in the month of June is subtle light energy from other planets reflected off the moon. This alone brings abundance and fruitful occasions as our emotions feel the planetary influences.

Take time to reflect this month as June also signifies the end of the first half of the year. Did we achieve all we wanted to? Spiritually did we allow time to center and relax through the pressures, or did react in a negative stressful way? It’s our choice to be stressed. June recalls and conjures the teacher within, the wolf who lays dormant. A time where all of us have a lesson in front of them either spiritually at work or school or just proving yourself amongst family. Reach this month for what was too high for you before. Placing yourself in the driver’s seat of your future. You have control, maybe your just not aware of it yet.

Image via Sara Golish

Image via Sara Golish

Children of the Moon: Activate & Ignite Your Creative Essence
June 3rd 6:30pm - 8:30pm · $45

The new moon offers us a time of renewal, to breathe in new life energy, and ignite new patterns and passions. It brings us a fertile place to start fresh and to remind us that no matter what, there is always rebirth waiting on the horizon. 

 We invite you to join us in sacred circle to allow your words to flow through your body, to become a sacred tool of self-expression to write, manifest your creativity, your purpose, your essence. In protected and supportive space, come and activate and ignite your inner creative flame to write, to clear, and to gently release any creative blocks, barriers to inspiration, or any other mental blocks (stress, fear, negative thinking, your inner critic) you may be experiencing. We will journey through a guided meditation and self-reflective writing into the depths of your inspired self-expression to release and manifest your creative energy. We will open our creative minds and hearts with a light clearing/cleansing of sacred copal and will close with manifesting our creative desires into the universe.

We gather each month, under the light and power of the moon to connect to it's energy and the energy of our community. This incredibly potent time of the month is the perfect time for intention setting, clearing blocks, release work, all while sitting in circle with those who wish to support and love you. Our themes change each month, but our purpose remains the same. To see you, to hear you, and to hold space for your journey.

Lupita is a healer, clairaudient, and therapist who descends from five generations of Nahuatl traditions of folk healing medicine. She embraces the path of self-love, healing and discovery, coming from a place of gratitude. She elevates, connects and supports people through sacred cleansing ceremonies and protection practices.


Therapeutic Use of Color
June 4th 6:30pm - 8:30pm · $44

Color has been used since time immemorial to catalyze healing of body, mind & soul.  In the Therapeutic Use of Color class you’ll learn the dynamics of how color works with the brain to bypass the intellect, bringing you back to your body, true emotional states, inner wisdom & resourcing unique to you.  Participants may be surprised by what color can evoke emotionally, mentally, and physically.  You’ll explore firsthand how specific colors resonate for you as you work one on one with a partner.  In addition to an introductory scientific overview and an exploratory experience, you’ll also learn a grounding practice & attunement techniques.  We will close class with time to debrief.

Please dress comfortably.  Bring a journal and a pen to take notes.  Please consider eating a little something prior to class to help keep you grounded.

Christina Reyes, MA, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist & integrative healer.  She has a mind - body practice and utilizes vibrational, somatic & energetic paradigms throughout her healing sessions.  She is an Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®)  therapist, practitioner of essential oils used specifically with the meridian system, Usui Reiki Master & Jikiden Reiki Okuden trained by Frank Arjava Petter.  Her practice is based in Eagle Rock, CA.  For additional information please visit christinareyesmft.com


Ancestral Altars & Research Workshop (NYC Workshop)
June 10th 7pm - 9pm · $65

A complete 101 Ancestral Altars course for constructing and understanding the purpose of an Ancestral Altar. Perfect for newbies, beginners, faulty-starters and anybody seeking clearer intent or purpose with their ancestors. This course will address everything from “What is an ancestor?” and “Am I culturally appropriating?” to “What is a ‘proper’ altar?” and “How do I acknowledge my ancestors if I don’t know any of them or much about them? No question is too big or too small for the foundational sacredness of an Ancestral Altar! Communication is always welcome. 

Thank you for taking up the gauntlet of your ancestors!

All participants will be receiving a copy of Sanyu’s Ancestral Altars 202 guide

Sanyu Estelle’s bio: Pigmented (78%), womoonist (as constant and faithful as the tides), cissy (femme but hetero-ish), multisexual (it's a spectrum, seems unwise to call it), travel-apt (Earth is a country) and fashion forward (Funk Flag Flyage) SSJW (Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior). I'm your forebears attainable unreality. 

*Please bring a journal, pen, and bring a computer or a smart phone, if you have one, for Googling purposes. Please bring an item that represents an ancestor to the workshop as well. 

*Wear comfortable clothing (Light colors or white. No black, no red


Vibrational Medicine
June 13th 6:30pm-8:30pm · $60

Join AJA for an intimate evening of vibrational healing. We will be conducting sound, reiki, and spirit vibrations through the physical and subtle bodies. This allows for the energetic movement and clearing of blocks, stagnant energy and false belief patterns. AJA will be tailoring this event towards themes her guides believe each guest is working through. This is deep and powerful work. Prepare to unfold in a protected and supportive space. 

AJA is a Spirit Guide Medium, Akashic Records Reader and founder of Spirit House Collective- a female identifying community, dedicated to spreading knowledge, love and healing from our hearts straight to yours. The advice from our Spirit Guides is incorporated into AJA’S intuitive coaching process in order to help you form a plan to break negative patterns, find your path, and accept the love and support that your guides surround you with every single day. As the bridge between you and your guides, AJA considers this to be sacred work and is honored to help those who wish to deepen their connection to their higher self and learn to love themselves on a deeper level. Spirit Guide Life Coaching is an incredibly intimate and rewarding process that allows you to hear the advice and support that your guides have for you. AJA is a true believer in the innate power every woman has to achieve success through self love.

*Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, as well as any blankets or pillow for comfort / warmth.


Coffee Divination Workshop
June 15th 11am-2pm · $60

Experience a traditional coffee reading ceremony and class with Coffee Reading Master Ani Carla Kalafian. Divination with coffee dates back to antiquity, and is a sacred womans art. Within the ceremony, Ani will be sharing her knowledge and giving an exclusive opportunity to safely practice, ask questions, and dive deep into the coffee grounds for receiving special messages. 

Be comfortable come with a relaxed state of mind

From a young age, I was always sensitive to energies and was clairvoyant. I was first attuned to Reiki in 2011, and have acquired various certificates and skills from all over the world including in the practices of Pranic healing and cleansing. Growing up as an Armenian-American, my intuitive gifts were embraced as the women and elders in my family would gather to drink Armenian Coffee, turn over the demi-tasse onto its saucer, and read the grinds leftover as if they were deeply reading a tarot spread – but with symbols infinite.

I picked up the art of coffee reading naturally and would share my talents with my friends from other diverse backgrounds as a spiritual practice as women do, as well as a great cultural exchange. After years and years of practice, vigorously studying ancient symbols and mysteries as well as indigenous Armenian divination and healing modalities, I have grown into a Coffee Reading Master. I read coffee grinds intuitively, where the symbols I see are keys of to intuitive information about the individual that can be helpful along their journey. The past, present, and future may or may not show up- it really depends on the person. I am a messenger, the coffee grinds are an energetic fingerprint, a pattern, a form that I interpret and translate. Actually, coffee grinds are a visible retainer of water, so technically I am reading water. Our bodies are over 70% water, so the water you drink will encapsulate your frequency- that is what I read. I like to give my clients homework, make them do research on their own after the reading, and recommend different healing modalities shown or based on their cup. 


Color Magic : Invoking the Power of the Rainbow to Manifest All of Your Desires (NYC Workshop)
June 17th 7pm-9pm · $30

The magic of color is real! Every color has meaning and energy that is constantly engaging with our subconscious. The visuals we surround ourselves with strongly affect our mood and state of mind everyday. In this experiential workshop, we will dive into the full spectrum of color's impact: the culture of color around the world, the magical properties of color and how different hues make us feel in our environments. We will learn how to intuitively choose specific personalized hues to invoke intentions within our surroundings. Consciously chosen colors can enhance your life and give you the power to evoke the spark of change you have been looking for to create your own reality. You deserve all you desire and it can start manifesting now through the power of the rainbow!

Sarah Potter is the founder and owner of SP Projects, an independent art advisory and consulting business based in New York.  With more than a decade of experience in the fine art world, Sarah has placed an emphasis on curating private and corporate collections with artwork that is aesthetically satisfying and a good financial investment. With a discerning eye, she utilizes her passion for modern-day mysticism, spirituality, and the occult to create experiential exhibitions of innovative artwork and memorable performances. In 2017, Sarah expanded her business to include lectures and workshops on her life long practice of Tarot and  Color Magic,  a means of using specific hues to conjure different energies and manifest personal transformation.  Sarah and her various endeavors have been featured in such places as BUST Magazine, VICE,  NYLON and Viceland's Slutever.

*Please dress comfortably and bring a journal and pen for notes if you wish!


Shapeshifting and Magical Flight : Astral Projection 101
June 20th 6:30pm-8:30pm · $33

In this workshop we’ll learn about the principles of Astral Travel, Remote Viewing and Shapeshifting. We’ll learn how to protect our spaces and bodies energetically as well as techniques for astral travel. We’ll embark on an out-of-body journey to the Astral plane to gather information, meet guides, and practice remote viewing. Everyone will be sent home with a magic feather, tools for safely navigating the Astral Plane, and Lucid Dreaming exercises. 

Eliza Swann is an interdisciplinary artist, intuitive, writer, educator, and community organizer based in Los Angeles and New York. Eliza received a BA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, and received a Master’s degree in Fine Art from Central St. Martins in London. She has trained in hypnotherapy at the Isis Centre in England, Vedic cosmology and yoga with Dr. Vagish Shastri in Benares, India, and Tarot and Western Magical Practice with the Builders of the Adytum Western Mystery School. She has guest lectured at UCLA, the Hammer Museum, the San Francisco Art Institute, Central St Martins, Cal Arts, the Dia Museum, and is currently a Visiting Professor at Pratt Institute. 

Her book “The Anatomy of the Aura” will be released by St. Martin’s Press in 2020. 

Eliza is the founder of The Golden Dome School, a curatorial and educational platform that studies intersections of art, metaphysics and ecology. 

*Please have a notebook, pen, and wear comfortable clothing.


Coven Circle - Alchemy of Light (Private Event)
June 25th 6:30pm-8:30pm

Seeing signs along your journey… Join us as we guide you on your personal path to transcendence.

Our Angels and Guides are always trying to communicate with us, but it is ultimately up to us to notice these signs and messages. When a sign or message is given, we are presented with a choice - to take this sign and do something about it or keep going about our day and chalk it up to coincidence. Through awareness and understanding of symbols, we can better understand the messages we are given and how we are being guided to transform our lives and behaviors.

Whether you understand alchemy as a science or a spiritual tool, alchemy is ultimately about transformation and change. Physical alchemy is concerned with transforming the constituents within matter, but spiritual alchemy is about freeing your spiritual self which can be trapped within you by the aspects of yourself you have yet to move past  (e.g. your fears, personal beliefs, self-loathing, etc.). Alchemy can also be understood as creating something through a magical process. We all have inner light and can transform our lives out of darkness and into light. We can all become lighter and our light always become brighter. 

In this workshop, we will discuss how important it can be to surrender to the guidance of our Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, Angels, and Guides. We will explore symbolism our guides may use as a means to communicate. Attendees will each receive a short Tarot reading. Following the reading, Clare will blend a transformative herbal infusion alchemized with plant, gem, and any animal essences she intuitively feels would benefit each participant. She believes this can aid in the healing and transformation process of awakening and processing of guidance.

Clare Fawn is a Transcendental Tarot reader, Intuitive Healer, Empath, Advanced Akashic Records reader and Herbalist, based in Los Angeles, CA. She has been connected to the spirit world ever since she was a child and has been working with the tarot since she was twelve, when she bought her first deck. She uses her clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience and her natural ability to tap into the angelic realms, as well as connect to the clients’ guides, angels, and ascended masters in her tarot sessions. Using the tarot as a divination tool, Clare will share what visions and messages come to her during the reading as well as “final thoughts” from your spiritual team - her favorite way to end a session. Her readings can help clients gain clarity, find answers to their questions, and also act as a form of therapy. Clare is a certified Reiki Practitioner attuned by Madre Jaguar. In her healing sessions, she uses her intuition to find what the client needs in their physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. You can find out more about her on her website www.clarefawn.com and Instagram @clare.fawn


Midsummer Night's Dream
June 27th 6:30pm-8:30pm · $50

The Mid Summer Nights happen during the Cusp of Magic in the late days of June. Flowers and vines are in full bloom, releasing their scent into the soft summer night air. The sun is setting late allowing for the veils of Magic to be open longer. Dionysus, Shakespeare, and Mendelssohn along with many others have been inspired by this time, and so am I. My daughter was born during the cusp of Magic 18 years ago and I’m so excited to celebrate this time of the year in a truly magical goddess way! Let’s taste wine, share bread and herbal infusions while we meditate on intentions and gratefulness, learn about biodynamic wines, balancing herbal remedies, talk current astrological energies, laugh and feel awesome.

Hi, I am Mamalier, a sommelier, an herbal medicine guide, and Mama. My passion is Biodynamic sustainable wines and viticulture. It’s a mystical and practical way to grow and live using the lunar calendar. Herbal medicine allows for you and nature to be in harmony and is a great love in my life. I blend these two elements together to help create a balance with pleasure, community and health.

*Please bring a notepad and pen and wear comfortable clothing.


Ancestral Healing Journey Through Breathwork and Reiki (NYC Workshop)
June 28th 7pm-9pm · $45

When we bring awareness to our ancestral patterns and release our inherited pain, we put ourselves back in the driver’s seat of our lives. In this workshop, you will be guided to explore an ancestral pattern in your lineage, understand how it’s manifesting in your life, and begin to clear this pattern through the tarot, breathwork, and Reiki energy healing so you can stop repeating old inherited patterns in your life that keep you small.  

 Eryn will begin the workshop by pulling a tarot card for each participant to offer guidance into the ancestral pattern that is most present in your life right now. You will then be guided through a breathwork journey to connect with the roots of this pattern, understand how it’s manifesting in your life, and begin to clear it from your body on a deep cellular level. After the breathwork, you’ll receive Reiki to help balance and calm your energy after this deep release.

 Afterwards, you will have time to journal, ask questions, and share your experience.

Eryn Johnson is a Philly-based witch, intuitive, and creative. The foundation of her work is energetic and based on the belief that there’s nothing wrong with you– we are simply programmed from a young age to forget the truth of who we are. She uses Reiki, tarot, breathwork, movement, and storytelling to bring her back to herself and to bring you back to you- back to your power, back to your magic, back to your intuition. She is also the host of the Living Open podcast for mystics and seekers, a storytelling tool here to help facilitate soul expansion and evolution.

*Please bring a journal and something to write with, and dress comfortably. 


The Woven Tarot: Tarot and the Four Clairs
June 29th & 30th 11am-4pm · $250

In this workshop intensive, Mary will guide you in developing a deeper understanding of the Tarot through the lens of the four Clairs. Whether you would like to read tarot for personal use or for others, this class will help you understand the cards on an intuitive, energetic level through Clairvoyance (clear sight), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairaudience (clear hearing) and Claircognizance (clear knowing). We will go over each card in the Major Arcana and learn how to read them using our third eye. We will also focus on rituals for protection, grounding and tapping into Spirit, and exercises on how to access your unique psychic abilities through the cards. Each workshop will end with hands-on group work and powerful meditations that will propel us further into our intuitive journey with confidence through the community. You will walk out of this workshop with a deeper connection to your Higher Self, Spirit and the universe around us through the rich symbolism of the cards. 

 Who is this for? Tarot practitioners of all levels are welcome. This workshop series is for anyone who wants to read the Tarot using a psychic approach. If you are interested in reading the Tarot as a tool to awaken your third eye, then this is the space for you.

 Outline-Day one:

What is intuition? Understanding energy and soul frequency

Clairvoyance (clear sight)

Clairsentience (clear feeling)

Clairaudience (clear hearing)

Claircognizance (clear knowing)

How to use and integrate these psychic modalities with the Tarot

Hands-on group work

Closing Meditation

 Day two:

The Psychic Journey: The Major Arcana and the Clairs

Tapping into Spirit, protection, grounding & personalized rituals

Channeling with the Tarot: How to read organically without a “spread”

Hands-on group work

Closing Meditation

Mary Grisey is a Clairvoyant Tarot Reader and Visual Artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She has been working with the Tarot for over 15 years and draws from a variety of esoteric systems including clairvoyance, astrology, mediumship and reiki to conduct her readings and teachings. She has been connected to the unseen world ever since she can remember and works closely with her Spirit Guide, Ruth. During her sessions, Mary channels her client's ancestors, Spirit Guides, loved ones and Higher Selves. Her psychic approach is heart-centered, therapeutic and always in the highest good of the client. Her fine art background provides a unique approach to her readings and teachings as they tend to foster creativity, inventiveness and imagination. 

*Please bring a tarot deck (I will be teaching with the Rider-Waite Smith tarot deck), a pen and journal. 

Cancellations & Refund Policy:

Spirit House Collective permits fully-refunded cancellations up to 24 hours before a workshop or event takes place. If Spirit House Collective is not notified of a cancellation within this window of time a refund will not be granted. Thank you for understanding.

We are a female-identifying, non-binary and trans collective of artists and healers based in the Eagle Rock / Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.