New Moon Mist

New Moon Mist


New Moon energy is cleansing, purifying, banishing. It's the time to plant the seeds of intention. It's the tomb that's also the womb.

This New Moon Mist, by Scarlet Sage, contains black spruce, juniper berry, benzoin, and sweet lime essential oils, jasmine and lavender absolutes, with flower essences of cerato, indian paintbrush, lady's slipper and jadeite jade gem essence.

New Moon Cleansing Ritual:

During the darkness of the New Moon, retreat to a sacred place (the beach, the woods, in front of your altar.) In solitude with the vast darkness of the night sky, spray the New Moon Mist onto your body while naming the things that no longer serve you. Feel yourself supported by the aromatic and energetic essences as you clear your soul for growth. This is the fertile ground to plant the seeds of love. 

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